Premium Grain Finished Angus Beef Available now!

Wholes, halves, quarters or bundles in 10# or more

$4.50/pound hanging weight for wholes, halves and quarters (averaging 325-350/half)–processing included.

$5/pound for custom bundles including steaks and/or roasts and hamburger, just hamburger ground or patties available as well!

Fed with our custom blend to optimize flavor and marbling, this beef is big on taste! Although you pay a chunk up front, the price is far better than what you will find at any grocery store and the quality is immensely higher than those on the shelves! We raise our beef on good Flint Hills grass and bring them home to Buhler to finish them for at least 90 days. We do not have crowded feed lots here and our beef is handled with great care to reduce stress on the animals.

The beef we have available has already been processed; halves include all roasts, ribs, stew meat, tenderized round steak, 1″cuts on steaks, 50# of pre-made hamburger patties (very handy!!) and 1# bags of hamburger. Our next processing dates are in April and May; $150 deposit required and you can customize your own cuts with our processor.